It’s Gettin’ Real

Mmm... Stuffing envelopes filled with our newsletter and prayer cards for our upcoming new missionary life. It dawned on me, as we were putting these envelopes together, that this floor that we are sitting on will someday soon not be ours. This home that we have poured blood, sweat and yes, some tears into will... Continue Reading →


To know Jesus & Make Him Known. 

           Called to Tijuana, Mexico!  We're Jake and Alyssa and have four precious girls- Addison (6), Georgia (4.5) Tinsley (3), Ruby (1.5). We are about to embark on a journey that has been many years in the making. Alyssa has had a passion for missions since a very young age. Me... Continue Reading →

Morning conversations

Breakfast time, the curiosity and excitement seem to come readily. While I'm not a morning person, I fully enjoy seeing the sleepy little faces with a spark in there eye curious with innocent questions, firing them relentlessly at me. Addison's #1 question this morning was..."MOM, WILL THERE BE A WASHER AND DRYER?!" Caps, because she... Continue Reading →

Patience with each other…

Marriage is challenging, trying to understand someone else, but yet desiring your heart to be understood by who you love. I had 5 years of resentment towards Jake as I was so passionate about going into ministry, knowing that was my calling from early on. I just couldn't make him "get it"...I couldn't put that... Continue Reading →

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